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Hello, I'm Zsófia Rács, but my artist name is Zso Lattice. Since my childhood, I've been passionately drawing, painting, and being creative. Unfortunately, during this period, my parents did not support the idea of me becoming an artist.
Paint Can and Brush

how i started?

After a challenging breakup in 2020 I found myself alone in a new city without connections. It was then that I started painting every day. During this time, I also began my own personal development journey, delving into the study of Buddhism, Zen, and psychology. What started as a simple therapeutic endeavor eventually turned into a profound journey of self-discovery. It was on this path that I found myself.

Given how beneficial this development was for me, through my art, I aim to draw attention to the importance of self-improvement. My goal is to show people that through self-reflection, we have the power to change our lives. My paintings depict various life situations I have experienced, reflecting on both the external world and myself.

My style 

In the first year, I tried out many styles and realized that by combining them, I could create my own style. It's nothing but a blend of abstract, realistic, modern, minimalist, and street style/graffiti style. Overall, it can be said that I love colors, and my paintings reflect this passion. When everything in my life is going well, I tend to use a much richer palette than during slightly more challenging periods. Nevertheless, at times, I intentionally incorporate black and white motives for the sake of balance, emphasizing the importance of equilibrium.
I consider the placement of elements and the harmony of colors crucial in my artworks. The most significant aspect for me during the process of painting is achieving balance (colors, patterns, shapes, arrangement, symmetry). If there are more black and white details in a painting, it was likely created in a more subdued mood.
Moreover, I enjoy blending various materials, such as gold pigment, graffiti paint, acrylic, oil, chalk and pencil. I've come to realize that different materials provide diverse textures to the painting, resulting in a more complex effect. Similar to our lives, where different situations, people, and environments collectively shape our reality, paintings come to life through various textures. In general, I paint on canvas, but there are exceptions.

For example:

  • Repainting flowerpots for recycling purposes

  • Designing old denim jackets

  • Repainting and refurbishing furniture

  • Hand-coloring on photographs

The process...

My creative process is highly spontaneous and intuitive. In contrast to most painters, 95% of my artworks are based on momentary inspirations. Sitting in front of a blank canvas, I start painting while listening to music, relying on my emotions to choose colors and create various forms. During the painting process, feelings and spontaneous ideas often guide me forward.

When the painting is completed, it's time for self-reflection to understand what I expressed from within. Generally, the meaning of the artwork surprisingly becomes clear, and I quickly discover the depth hidden behind the creation.


Among my future plans are assisting others through art therapy, supporting environmental projects, teaching recycling and creative solutions to others.

The journey begins within my inner world, but through my artistic creations, the results become visible to the outer world.

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