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My name is Zsófia Rács 

Story of my Paintings :

I've been thinking for a long time about how I should present myself and my work, because it's not easy to frame something that is about a change in my emotions. All my life I have reflected on the events of my life and I have always wanted to decipher the great mystery. What is life itself? Who am I ? What is this all around me?.


2020 was a watershed for many. For me, it was the beginning of an inner journey where I started to get to know myself, my feelings and my reactions to life situations. When I started painting, firstly it was just a hobby, but soon I realised that I could somehow paint my subconscious feelings "out of myself". It was that moment when it became clear to me that it was more than just recreation. I felt that I have something major to do with it and that I could possibly show others what I was going through and thereby raise awareness of the importance of exploring self-awareness. I would like to inspire others to discover the mysteries of life and to dare to go within, because they can find what many people mistakenly search for in the outside world.


My art is characterised by full of emotions, I also use colours and contrasts to reflect on the ups and downs of life. In addition, building balance and harmony alongside composition and intensity is important to me. I want to evoke emotions from people who look at my paintings and invite them on an inner journey through the impact of the image.

My Paintings on social :
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Story of my Photography :

I started taking pictures in 2005 when I was faced with a decision about my future career path. I already loved drawing and painting, but my parents didn't support it because they didn't think I could earn a living doing it.


So I went for photography because its similarity to drawing and painting.


In photography, as in painting, it was the creation of my own world that always fascinated me. At first I started with macro shots and landscapes, but soon it was the world of portraits that captivated me. In the beginning I tried to stand out from the other photographers in my own way, but then I realised that I wanted to focus more on the people I was photographing. When I started photographing this way, I found out what I am good at. I always like to get to know my photo models and try to find out right away what personality lies behind the character.

My goal there was to show this true self. I wanted to show my clients that they are perfect just the way they are and that a good photographer with the right technical expertise can bring out the best in them.


My photography style includes the use of natural light and minimal retouching. I like to create my images without distorting reality.

Story of my hand-colouring paintography :

Around 2015, I came up with the idea of combining photography and painting in some way. Both are creative, but each has a different effect.


My idea is to take pictures, print them on canvas and use them as a background for my painting. That way, the spirit of the photo would shape the process of painting.


I would also incorporate the painting style that I have developed over the years.


Since I haven't heard that much about combining photography and painting, I definitely consider it a new chapter in the world of art, and thus a unique creation.


That would be "the picture within the picture", hand-colouring Paintography. By doing this, I want to show people how I am able to think out-of-the-box and perceive new perspectives, which then are to grow into a whole new world. 


Besides, I think it's cool.

My photography on social :

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